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Opening Ceremony



Attention! Will the audience please rise.


pause let everyone stand up.


Color guard, present the colors!



(The color guard advances with the color bearers in front. The U.S. flag should always be on the marching right in the procession. As the procession begins, the narrator gives his next command.)



Hand salute!


(The color guard takes position at the front of the room near the flag stands. Each scout stands at attention, facing the audience, holding the flags vertically.)



Please repeat with me the Pledge of Allegiance.


(Begin the Pledge of Allegiance. The audience joins in, and the pack flag is lowered slightly. The color-bearers and other guards do not salute or repeat the pledge. When the pledge is finished, the narrator gives the signal to drop all salutes.)




(The pack flag is raised to a vertical position again.)


Color guard, post the colors!


(The pack flag is placed in its stand. The pack flag bearer and other guards salute it and step back into place. The U.S. flag is then posted. Its bearer and guards salute it and step back into place.)


Color guard, dismissed!


(The color bearers lead the procession to the back of the room, with the narrator following lasts.)


Closing Ceremony



Will the audience please rise.


Pause let the audience stand


Color guard, prepare to advance.








Color guard, retire the colors




Color guard exits the stage with the flages.