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Webelos Badger’s Outdoor Survival Gear Kit




As a den project, over the next couple of months we are building an Outdoor Survival Gear Kit.  Each scout will need each item on the list below.  We will utilize some of the money that we collected for den dues for some of the items.  However, if you know someone that has access to these items for which we could possible purchase them at a discount or get them free we would certainly like to hear from you.


Thanks for your help.





  1. *Knife            (QTY 1)
  2. Compass (QTY 1)
  3. *Matches
  4. Candle 6”x3/4” (QTY 1)
  5. *Fire Start Tablets
  6. Water Container, 1-2 quart collapsible soft plastic (QTY 1)
  7. Parachute cord, 20 feet
  8. Water purification tables (small bottle)
  9. Mirror, safety/unbreakable (QTY 1)
  10. Whistle, plastic (QTY 1)
  11. Plastic sheeting, one mil, 8 feet square
  12. Wire saw (QTY 1)
  13. Surgical tubing, 6 feet
  14. Space blanket, (QTY 1)
  15. Nylon bag or pouch to hold gear (QTY 1)


* Already have these items